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  • Do you ship to my country?
    - Probably yes. It depends if your country is accepting international mail at the moment. Please check if your country accepts mail from Portugal before placing an order.
  • Can I gift a friend?
    Yes! The easiest solution would be to offer a gift card to your friend! You can check the gift card page on the footer. However if you really want to gift your friend a specific item, I would recommend you to contact me before placing the order!
  • What if my order gets lost?
    - I will refund you or send you your order again if you had tracked shipping. If you chose untracked shipping, there is nothing I can do, and i won't be refunding/sending another package!
  • How does the loyalty card works?
    The loyalty card is given to you on your first order. You will receive 1 stamp for your card with each order you make. Additionally, if your order is over 8€ (without shipping), you receive another stamp. Once you filled one row with stamps you will receive a free sticker sheet! The reward is only sent to you if you place an order and not separately.
  • What are the shipping fees?
    The shipping fees are the following: - Portugal: 1.15€ - 3.35€ - Europe (EU and non-EU): 1.90€ - 5.30€ - Everywhere else: 2.70€ - 6.00€ The first value is for untracking shipping, the second value is for tracked shipping. Notice that we do not profit from shipping and some of the shipping prices are being shouldered by us so that you can have what we think it is a decent shipping price.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    - We accept paypal, credit card and MBnet cards. Portuguese people can message me their order and pay through MBway.


If your question is not here, feel free to contact us!

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