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Mianpukimaki Shop believes in the tiniest joys in life.

Some of these joys are the feeling of opening a handmade package, the excitement of peeling off a sticker and the colorfulness of a journal spread. We believe that we deserve these joys filled with love and creativity, and we believe there shoud be only a positive impact from them. On Mianpukimaki Shop we offer you these simple joys by creating cute sustainable products and by taking responsability on our impact by supporting organizations aligned with our values.

We create with intention and love: love for what we do, love for our customers and, love for our world.

Our Values

Do what we love

That's how we find balance and motivation.

Share the Happiness

We pack every order with love as if it was your birthday.


We only use reused and recyclable materials.

Hi! I'm Mariana but you can call me Mian! I'm the one behind Mianpukimaki Shop!


I'm mainly a cat lover, but also a curious biologist with a passion for creative things! :) I try to find happiness in the tiniest things and I want to share that with you!


I hope I can offer to you these tiny joys through my stickers while being as sustainable as we can.

You can check my creative journey through my instagram (@mianpukimaki).


Get to Know me

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